Why Weelee?

Why Weelee

I want to sell my car - Why should I use Weelee?

We understand that your options are limited when trying to sell a second hand car. This is why Weelee.co.za is (quite simply!) an online platform that helps you exchange any used cars for cash - quickly, for free & at the best price out there!

With pre-approved cash buyers already waiting to compete with cash offers, our user-friendly site makes the entire process simple & secure for you. Plus, it’s obligation-free!

How do I sell my used car and who are the right people to buy used cars online?

Where do I sell my used car quickly? How can I get the best price for it? Can I sell it online? Are cash buyers trustworthy? Who exactly are the people who say “we buy cars”? What about all the admin?

Weelee.co.za is the solution!

  • No trade-in, no negotiating & no risk of losing money
  • No wasted time trying to find a buyer (as with private sales)
  • No money spent on posting adverts (only to wait for a call with no guarantee of sale)
  • No settling for less when 100s of pre-approved buyers are placing offers online everyday

So the guys at Weelee put themselves in your position and asked:

Is there a way I could offer to sell my car online to lots of pre-approved cash buyers in a safe and secure environment and only take the best price offered with no obligation?

And Weelee was born – we have solved the problem of selling your car for the best price – in one Quick, Easy and Safe process!

How Weelee works?

Do we buy cars? No, BUT we do get you many offers! Our user-friendly site with minimal requirements & anonymity, facilitates the process of selling your pre-owned car for cash to a buyer of YOUR choice - safely.

Weelee offers you:

  • Free registration, minimal requirements & no obligation to accept any offers at all Watch cash offers on your car climb live online, anonymously in the comfort of your home
  • Peace of mind that the price you choose is from an experienced pre-approved buyer
  • Be in direct control over which offer you accept




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